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Origin Story

At the turn of the last century,

I started my shop in New York. during my last year in grad school.

I was a Costume Design major and fell in love with making 17th Century Corsets.

Sneak Peak inside my Hollywood Maker Space Studio where I pattern make, hammer, sew, weave and pour everything!


While in grad school, I had a part time job running the costume shop building props and costumes for opera and theaters.  Later , I merged theater &  my fashion design background into my Island Life heritage and ended up writing a character who became my muse…  a travelling Victorian Duchess who  scandalously  had her [Unchaperoned ]  tea  and the beach in silk ball gown skirts surrounded by trunk loads of spices, jewels and silks from her travels.… and the Slumming Duchess was born.


15 years later and my collections have blossomed from fashion to resort wear, to handwoven jewelry, limited edition clutches, artisan blended fragrances, herbal bath and beauty… almost as if the trunks I imagined in the original story somehow filled themselves with things I was yet to create.


Once a month I have a Studio Soiree [Hollywood Fl] to show off all my tinkering before I photograph for Etsy.

 Find out when the next studio event is here