Slumming Duchess BLOG

Slumming Duchess is all about the journey, being open to the nuances and textures along the way that may shift, alter , impact even challenge the established notions of beauty.


Shabby – Chic or Wabi –Sabi.

varied texture, rose quartz roman ring

That said, we look at any multitude of things for inspiration that impact the human experience . - Sharing our/my inspiration journal real time. Right here.

  • Cultural Curiosities, the History of Holidays : Why we celebrate & gather
  • Why we want things ? Exploring Absence & Desire
  • The History of Style … Why are wedding gowns are white?

The point is when we are curious enough to ask why, we have the power to  build in more joy and fulfillment into every  moment.

We are all here for such a short time,  might as well design a life well lived.

~hope to make every moment along your path sparkle a little brighter, breathe a little deeper, and pour joy into every open door.


Here is to making it count!

[ Yes, “Jack Dawson” Titanic, and YES, I paid money to see this movie in the theater  while I was a starving art student.  The point is , pay the money to support the work people [Don’t buy bootleg!]

From Duchess