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Find More Meaning in Your Pretty Things | Summer 2020

Wait! I thought the birthstone for July was Ruby?
Sure, if you only consider cultural history written after 1912.
In 1912 the American National Association of Jewelers [all male]
Slumming Duchess Summer Guide

wrote the “modern” birthstone chart based on their marketing plan to sell us what was “good for business”.

Completely ignoring thousands of years of tradition, belief, religion and culture that happened to consider the feminine aspect of humanity as elevated.  [Remember, at the time,  women still could not vote]

Why even bring this up?

Because we have been taught to ignore our instincts.

Ever wonder why we are drawn to crystals, gems , jewelry and adornment  in the first place?

The glimmer of a stone that happens to “catch your eye” and “call to you? “

Ignore it. They say.

Stifle what you want, and buy what they tell you is supposed to be yours.

That is the nature of Fashion & Commerce. All Male Designers dictate how a woman should look, feel  believe and what they should consume. Still. To this day.

I said all of that, to say this:

What you believe matters.

What you have faith in matters.

What is calling to you from the corner of your eye, matters.

The truth is there are many different birthstones that can be right , for a dozen different reasons.

  • Color
  • Shape
  • Cut
  • [sacred] geometry, the angles and shapes formed by the crystalline [snowflake like ] infrastructure…

Your best guidance will always come from within. Pay attention to what resonates with you.

Those stones are your heroes. Your amulets, what brings you Joy, Smiles, Blessings, Charm & even a little Luck :)

Here are a few alternatives that offer a different point of view.

Remember to listen to the quiet stones that speak to you.

 Summer Crystal Map
Crystals that Map to the *Star Sign
[* configuration the stars where in at the time of a person’s birth]
Slumming Duchess Summer Crystal Map
Emerald| Citrine | Selenite | Moonstone | Silver
June 21 - July 22
The summer solstice June 21, is the beginning of the summer season.
It marks the beginning of the time governed by the  sign of Cancer.
For Thousands of years, this season or time of year has been
a symbol of 

Home, Hearth, Family, Tribe & Joy

A gift of gemstones in this house is a

blessing of all that the “sign” embodies

The Season  is marked by the stars aligning in a shape of a crab.

 Slumming Duchess Summer Crystal Map July Cancer

  As the crab wears her home on her back, she  is  ALWAYS HOME.
As the crab walks effortlessly sideways,
deftly navigating head on collisions,
adapting easily to altered paths.
A gift of gemstones in this house is a blessing of all that the “sign” embodies.

Home, Hearth, Family, Tribe & Joy

Each Ancient Stone Below Resonates with a different

part of cultural history. 

Choose what speaks to you , either about yourself or the person you are thinking of.

Slumming Duchess Summer Trio Emerald, Citrine, Swarovsky Crystal



Emerald is a beautiful and rich green gemstone. 

Green is the color of  potential , healing,  hope and the process of becoming

. Deep [emerald green] glass will enhance the mood / essence by matching the visual vibration [ color ] of the emerald.

4th Chakra emotional gateway. House of Compassion for self and others


Citrine is legendary as a transformer.

Hold a piece up to the light and it will effortlessly shift in the same way the crab effortlessly side steps

The color Yellow is a part of the becoming or ripening process represented by the Emerald green

3rd Chakra   Personal Boundaries, Sense of Self [Esteem]/Worth



The moon is the ruling planet of the Star Configuration [Sign] Cancer.

In Greco - Roman mythology, [2800 years ago] the moon is the female counterpart to the sun.

iNyanga | Africa

Artume |Etruscan

Chandra | India

Luna |Latin

 Diana |Roman

Selene &  Artemis | Greek



Silver embodies the feminine, watery light of the moon.

As the moon affects the ebb and flow of the ocean in tandem with the gravitational pull of the sun…

Silver [Moon] is visually cooler than her warmer partner Gold [Sun]

 Slumming Duchess emerald inspiration

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