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August | September |Virgo| Herstory Through Stones


August 23rd to September 22nd, 

The Season of Virgo... aligns  with the time of year / end of summer.

When the berries have been on the vines the longest,  and are the sweetest ready to harvest.


Virgo as a season or archetype  mirrors this time of year.   Sitting and waiting strategically,  soaking in all of the nourishment and Rays of the Summer sun

Ever  preparing for the Harvest, & The Long Winter ahead.

Often depicted as the maiden,  or virgin [  married on to herself completely devoted  to her own rituals , Intuition and knowing] Interestingly enough this is the only sign depicted by a woman.

 As centuries went by and human history  was purged of any notes of female power,  stories that have been passed down for Millenia were washed over. The  women that couldn't be washed away were  degraded.

 As we see here the symbol of the Virgo was only allowed with reference to the sexual nature  implied by the label “virgin”


We see the opposite role play out  in writings  perpetuated by King James Court In 1611,  AKA King James Bible,   published five years after Shakespeare wrote Macbeth [1605] in honor of King James. *Where Mary Magdalene  is presented as a whore. The surviving history books,  Chronicle her life as essential ... important  enough that she could not be erased from the story.  Therefore she was degraded.

 *Here we see a direct correlation between history being written by the victors. It should be noted,  the reason  Shakespeare is the only celebrated playwright of that era. ....King James made him Immortal with the power of print. 

Even though it is widely known that Shakespeare often “borrowed “ inspiration from his contemporary friends such as Kit Marlowe. .... I'm just saying.

The Maiden, depicted as a woman carrying a sheaf of wheat symbolizing wisdom.


Virgo as archetype or trait , means to want to be in service of others such as hosting, planning, gather, provision for , etc.

You do not have to be born during the sun sign of “Virgo” to possess  threads of this essence.

The fact that  only  Sun  signs  have survived as common knowledge,  is also a result of washing away Millenia  of women's hertory in positions of power.   Where the sun traditions are symbolic of male strength [ gods]  Moon  traditions ,  carry the ancestral DNA of memory…. female power,  divinity,  the goddess traditions.

In the same way that every human being both male and female,  possess both male and female hormones.  Every Soul imprints  with multiple  Star based  footprints  that manifest differently . In this case we look at the zodiac as  archetypes that manifest as  traits


Listen to the quiet voice we have been bread to ignore.

When selecting anything, particularly a stone…  it is important that you pay attention,  to what calls to you .


 The millenia old act of gifting a birthstone….what you're actually doing is giving a gift  of healing and balance  that is unique  to that being of light [  human] 

It's like the story of kryptonite and Superman,  the power of kryptonite was  specific to Superman but Had no effect on anyone else..

Every stone is specific to that being., and cannot be dictated by the “birthstone chart” at JCPenny. 

More importantly the stone that you are drawn to when you're thinking of that person,  is more than likely exactly what that person needs in order to balance their energy [creates healing]. 

 This is  the taproot  of the “lucky charm” myth,  or  origin story quality often associated with amulets or stones. It Literally  makes you feel better upon site.

  When you feel better, you do better & draw better things to you. [ basic law of attraction ] Translated, and watered down over the years into simple “ luck”

Other Origin Tap Roots 

Things We often hear about “ Virgos”  , but now that we have a broader sense of the Season of Virgo , and Virgo as Archetype we can apply that to what we know about HERstory, being suppressed and rewritten  in favor of HIStory. Try not to hurt yourself rolling your eyes when you read what’s coming…



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