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Stoned Beauty | October 2021

As the Wheel of The Year Turns Past Autumnal Equinox and into fall, we start to shift our focus inwards to a more refllective stance. Taking advantage of the quiet time to tuck in and savor the solitude before the rush of the holidays.
As You tuck in, here are some thoughts to ponder over your pumpkin chai...
This Month's Focus Point is Mastery.
As the New Moon initiated in the Air Element of Libra
We will explore ways to align & flow
with topics in Mastery specific to bringing balance /cadence into our lives in ways that align our value system.
The scales of the universe are asking you to balance what you weigh, measure and assign value to.

How to Use This Flow Tool
Focus points are designed to shed light on when and why we get stuck
Isolating that precise moment of stuckness  to  create release.
Ultimately  creating a more constant flow.

 At the end of the day,This is the truly sweet stuff.  To stop the pendulum swings from extreme highs and extreme lows.  To shift into a place, where we  constantly know deep and abiding Joy.

Why is consistency so important?

Moving away from pendulum swings stops our nervous system from freaking out.

 It plants the seed that whatever is happening you can handle, you've been here before because you know where it is going to lead.


 You don't freak out when you see a wave wash out to the ocean because you know it's going to come back.

 Why? Because innately you understand the constant flow requires constant ebb.

 it is the consistency that  soothes You at the shoreline
 it is consistency that rocks the baby to sleep
 it is the consistency /cadence of a
swimmer’s stroke,
a runner's stride,  or 
a boater's row
that comforts us all 

To accomplish this

The wheel of the year is split into 12 houses that correspond or align to 12 key areas or facets of the jewel.  It's Soulful  Project Management and you are the project. The changes you want to make in life are the outcomes you want to shift.

Each month the focus shifts to a different focus point. By  the year’s  end you arrive at a  resolved  more whole you.

New Year's resolution that took you the whole year to work towards gently, slowly and consistently.

 The gift is by the time you reach New Year's Eve you've already completed the cycle. Time to celebrate with a glass of bubbles and start a new year ready for a whole new level of  wholeness, joy , clarity , & mastery. 


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