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January 2020 Post #1

With a Count of 1, the Journey's begun....

Gems of Inspiration
Transform your Darkest Hours to Joy. 
“Choosing to remember Light is most powerful in the dark”
Weaving the healing arts of beauty,pampering & self care.
 Candles|Crystals|Celebrations Gemstones|Moonphase Art Journaling |Grounding |Balancing
Inspiration for your Heart 
-Believe in your own enchantment, you ARE the answer you have been searching for.-sd
By her who in this month (January) is born
No gem save garnets should be worn;
They will ensure her constancy,
True friendship, and fidelity.
published in 1870 by Tiffany & Co
In medieval times, glittering burgundy garnets were associated with blood and were thought to speed the healing process of hemorrhages and wounds.
Journal Inspo of the Month
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D o u x is French for the sweetest oldest most precious & Dearest. In the French Caribbean somewhere in the 1700s doux-doux [double the sweetest thing you could ever imagine] came to be what the Islanders called their baby girls as they were the sweetest purest 

Manna From Heaven.

 it's that Double entendre of  Clearwater purity woven with the image of vivacious, life pulsing,Scarlet.

 The color of red blood and water.

 names are important a friend of mine once said “A Rose by Any Other Name”... He wrote it down crazy poet. He was going to be famous. 

Kit always was a dreamer .

Legend has it she always has a little  shop 


 is a pretty  little Boutique with an un marked door 

little candles and amulets and dresses that carry the sacred thread concealed deep within

 you can feel the magic the minute you walk in the door. Open it and it's Enchanted and beautiful if you have eyes and the heart and the soul to see it.

 if you don't then it's just a pretty little shop with pretty little things. 

Rumor Has It she used The Scarlet Letter the story About a maker she wrote a few centuries back, to both tell her story and keep herself safe.

Telling your story is important

 making your story is even more important.

 Somewhere in between lies making.

 The art and process by which ordinary Mortals make divine inspiration real 

Transformative thought into an object. 

it's Alchemy at its best.

The funny thing about makers is that they often 

somehow just know how to make many different things seemingly unrelated. 

“Makers make many things

 Which Craft they make?

 Is the Truth making brings” -sd

it is said

Blood and water make arrows

 perhaps the petals transformed this Prose? “-sd 

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  • Your gifts of Spirit gladdens my heart ❤️
    This feels like a blessing to my Creatrix Maker energies. Thank you 💯🌈🙏♥️😊

    • Genevieve M Petruzzelli