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Inspirational, Thought Provoking  Examination of Culture, Celebration,  and the things that bring us joy.
 ~A year-long look @ joy, celebrations, holidays & holi days. 
 Lots of Colors, Crystals ,Candles,  Customs & Creeds that create a Common Sacred Thread. Weaving us all together making us 1 fabric of people that simply love beautiful things.

what you wish for wishes for you

February is an interesting month… as the New Year begins.. It’s time to do all the work that creates the change we said we wanted during our

New Year’s Resolution .

As the Glamour and Glitz of the holidays wear off sometimes it can be tough to gather steam , and  make change happen.


 I was in the same boat or rather feeling underneath it,  when I came across this concept... it really resonated with me in a powerful way.

 what you wish for wishes for you

Mind blowing In its childlike simplicity as  the best things often are. Sometimes the things we want seem so unattainable.The idea that what we want wants to be found and it's just sitting there waiting for us so encouraging.

The much needed fuel for the February Fire.

What I love about February  is the opportunity It brings. The air is ripe with potential of things that haven't happened yet. The year is yet to unfold 

This is symbolized in the groundhog that pokes its little head out looking for a shadow. More correctly we're looking for a shadow, in search of a sign more long dark days of winter or hopeful days of spring?

Centuries ago,  when we lived closer to the Earth,  and chose to believe in more enchanting times….  February 2nd was Not always called Groundhog's Day as Punxsutawney  was centuries away from being a place. It was called

candle mas. A mass or the procession of Lights.

It is a festival or time of year where we come out of the darkness of winter to celebrate the  potential of longer days brighter days the spring will bring. Symbolized in the oldest of light making technologies . The candle.

So make a wish and blow out the candle …


As always I leave you with an object of beauty that ties the old world with the new in the form of of a simple crystal . This months purple drop of light [Amethyst]  has been revered for centuries . 

Here are my picks for this month to add to your Crystal Library

As always I hope it deepens your joy & appreciation of a beautiful thing.

- from Duchess w love.


SD Crystal Lore Library  | February [Amethyst] edition

The Story behind the stone 

Everyone’s favorite party god, Bacchus, once hit on a pretty maiden who refused his advances. The maiden, named Amethyste, prayed fervently for protection to the goddess Diana, who responded quickly by turning the maiden to a statue of icy white quartz. Bacchus, sad over the loss of such a lovely lady, solemnly poured his cup of wine over the statue in tribute, which turned the crystal to a purple color. From then on, amethyst was thought to ward off intoxication, and drinking glasses were carved from the gem. -From Etsy


Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer  it relieves stress and strain ,

Balances  mood swings dispels anger rage fear and anxiety

Dissolves Negativity

Activates and opens intuition 

From the

Amethyst is an excellent Crystal for Creative people because it helps them remain calm focused and receptive to  ideas.

Others use the stone to reduce nervous or negative energy

protection and for  purification.

From oureverydaylife. Com

Cleaning tips for amethyst:

 mild washing liquid in hot water submerge  amethyst.

 in the solution

 let the amethyst soak  for 15 minutes to allow the mild soap to dissolve grime from the rock surface.

 Scrub with soft bristles such  as a clean toothbrush 

*cleaning and care notes from SD 

If you are using your crystals for energetic work, then they must be cleansed or neutralized energetically.  You can run your crystals under running water, in the rising smoke of incense or sage, on a bed of clean white salt, or in moonlight.

The most important thing is your intent to let go of the negativity. 


1870s Poem published by Tiffany & co 

The February-born shall find

Sincerity and peace of mind,

Freedom from passion and from care,

If they an amethyst will wear


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